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Gratitude: I See You Being Amazing

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

In honor of Thanksgiving, I thought this week’s blog should focus on the good things in life. In

Debbie S. Dougherty
Dancing Fur-Bar-By. Art by Freya Clark

particular, the people who make my life possible. No. More. The people who make my life amazing by being amazing people.

First, to all the women who were the first in their field, class, sport, occupation. You suffered, persevered, and thereby provided a path for those of us who followed. May we continue to honor you by forging paths for those who follow us. I see you being amazing.

For the Iranian women and their allies who are literally putting their bodies and lives on the line so that they can have basic human rights. The trauma and fear you must experience. Yet you persist. You persist. I see you being amazing.

For the leaders who provide a place at the table for women and minoritized people. We don’t always acknowledge your role, but I see you being amazing.

For the male and masculinized allies who listen, learn, and speak with women. I know it is hard to get it right. I recognize that sometimes you screw it up (don’t we all?), yet you persist in providing love and support. I see you being amazing.

For my family who may not understand what I do, but totally believe that I am amazing. My husband who sent pictures of my book to all of his colleagues. My oldest Daughter who put together the original version of my website. My Son, who, when I said I was thinking about writing a blog said “it is about time.” When I asked him what he meant he said “you have important things to say and more people need to hear you say it.” To my youngster, who makes me laugh out loud, I see you being amazing.

For Freya Clark, the 11-year-old art phenom who patiently allows me to display her art on my blog, including the current picture of the Dancing Fur-Barb-Y. I am fairly confident that a large contingent of the people who view my blog do so for your art. I know I would if I was them. Thank you for being my blog partner. Thank you for being amazing.

For my clients over the years, who have trusted me to help you. For my undergraduate students who asked me to teach a class using my new book as the textbook. For my graduate students who fondly call me both “the Master Adviser” and “the Princess of Darkness,” you have my gratitude. I see you being amazing.

For “my tech guy” (who prefers to remain anonymous) who came to my office after seeing my website, explaining why it would not do. He gave me a list of items to attend to, and I have attempted to follow his instructions, including by creating this blog and posting it every week. We need more "tech guys" in the world. Thank you for being amazing.

For the readers of my blog (especially those who send me comments and feedback, and who share my blog with others), I am so grateful to you for hearing me, for being part of my conversation, for taking a bit of time to learn what I have to say. You give me confidence. That is amazing. I thank you.

Finally, for Cognella, for my editor and friend Todd Armstrong, I cannot imagine a better experience writing. You took my writing, my ideas, and turned it into a piece of art. The cover is shockingly beautiful. You asked me about my favorite colors (purple and royal blue) and then made the figures and models in the book shades of purple and blue. Dang. That is so cool. I see you being amazing. Now, when people read the book, they can see you being amazing as well.

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels my dear friends.

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Nov 27, 2022

I see you being amazing and inspiring Debbie. Thank you!

Debbie Dougherty
Debbie Dougherty
Nov 29, 2022
Replying to

I see you being amazing too!

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