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So what exactly is organizational culture and what does it have to do with sexual harassment? Explore this page to test your knowledge and learn more!

Test your knowledge of organizational culture and sexual harassment

What is Organizational Culture?

The shared communicative process through which meanings are constantly employed, negotiated, and contested to create a stable communication environment within which organizational life becomes patterned and persistent over time. Organizational cultures are always power laden and are functional for the reproduction of organizational values and outcomes

How can you tell if a behavior is culturally relevant?

Culturally relevant behaviors are patterned over time and tell you something about the organization. However, these behaviors are often so deeply woven into the culture that they seem normal, and therefore become invisible to organizational members

What is  a toxic cultural value?

Those values that emerge from repetitive organizational behaviors that are destructive to either the workers or to the organization itself

What is Sensemaking?

The communicative processes through which organizational members make meaning of a constantly shifting organizational environment. Sensemaking, therefore, is a path to both stability and change in organizational life

What is Predatory Sexual Harassment?

Predatory sexual harassment is the anaerobic bacteria of organizational life: It is persistent and normalized in the organization; it is diffused across the workplace with multiple targets; it is organizationally supported; and it operates in a field of carefully crafted silence

What are the two legally defined types of sexual harassment?

1. Quid Pro Quo

2. Hostile Environment

Who allows Sexual harassment to perpetuate in the workplace?

Sexual harassers are often aided by cultural behaviors and norms as well as bystanders. Even if you do not directly harass someone, your could still be participating in a culture that allows or even encourages it.

Why do sexual harassers harass?

Sexual Harassment is never about sex, it is always about power.

What is the Linear Model of Sexual Harassment?
And Why Doesn't it Work?








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