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This book is centered on a long running problem that has vexed organizations across time: Why can’t we prevent sexual harassment that has damaged individuals, organizational teams, organizations, and their larger constituents? Millions of dollars have been poured into solving this problem, yet, as the #MeToo movement made clear, sexual harassment continues to be a destructive force in organizational settings. Why is this? I have spent my career as a scholar, educator, and organizational consultant trying to address this problem. This book is the outcome of that work.

Current solutions to sexual harassment tend to be overly simplistic and overly optimistic. We all want a fast and easy solution to this problem, right? A cursory understanding of the problem does suggest easy, linear solutions: Create a policy. Create training. Create clear reporting structures. If sexual harassment was simply a structural problem, these solutions would have solved it by now. Sexual harassment is not simple. It is not simply structural. It is not just a misunderstanding. Instead, it is complicated. It is woven into the very fabric of many organizational cultures, making it difficult to recognize and even more difficult to manage.

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About The Reluctant Farmer: An Exploration of Social Class and the Production of Food

There are few social issues more pressing than the seemingly disparate issues of social class and safe food. This book illustrates the ways in which food production, work, and social class are intertwined in a way that puts our collective health at risk. At this point in history, discourse about food production has become "classed language," language designed to show one's place in the social stratosphere. Consequently, this shift in the function of discourse about food production has focused attention away from the three major issues facing farmers in the United States

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