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At this point in your organizational journey, you are probably familiar with the standard one and done sexual harassment trainings. At some point you were more than likely asked to sit in on a presentation explaining the ins and outs of your organization's sexual harassment policy, or perhaps you completed an online course... also explaining the ins and outs of your organization's sexual harassment policy. You may have even been asked to sign a contract stating your intention to not sexually harass your fellow coworkers. That is all well and good, however, in none of these examples were you asked to evaluate your organization's culture and its potential to perpetuate sexual harassment. Simply having a sexual harassment policy is not enough, it comes down to how your organization communicates its culture. 



Consulting is generally a longer process where we work together to solve a communication

problem that is woven into your culture. This process involves drilling down on the problem and

how it is communicated, how it is woven into the culture, and how we can revision your culture

to manage the problem. Consulting work is specific to an organizational culture. As a result, any

training or development activities will be uniquely developed for your organizational culture.


An excellent training uses a three-tier learning process of discovery, skill development, and

organizational engagement. Discovery is the way we actively engage with knowledge to learn

and understand our world. Skill building is developing capacity to intervene in an organizational

culture. Engagement is planning and executing organizational interventions. These three

processes are most effective when they are intertwined and when the content is geared toward

your organization, organizational values, and organizational culture.


I have always loved public speaking. I enjoy bringing my energy and passion to a topic in a way

that challenges and engages an audience. My unique knowledge of sexual harassment, diversity

and inclusion, emotional/cultural intelligence, and organizational culture provide excellent

content for motivational speeches. Give me an idea of what you are interested in hearing

about, and my team and I will prepare a talk that is specific to your organizational context and



I enjoy working one-on-one or in small groups to help leaders develop their forward-thinking

communication. I like to start coaching relationships with some baseline discussions of

organizational communication and then move into increasingly complex issues, depending on

your needs and interests. For example, we may spend a few sessions talking about how to

manage uncertainty, how to plan communication to create a desired culture, how to create

culturally powerful messaging, or how to manage conflict in a culturally diverse workplace.

Dr. Dougherty's work as a consultant, coach, trainer, and speaker has been trusted across numerous organizations including several large government organizations. Her expertise in organizational culture and sexual harassment has brought her across the nation and the world. If you or your organization are looking to prevent an ugly work place culture, act preventively, or even to learn more, use the button below to get in contact with Dr. Dougherty. 

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